nice hat!
thanks it protects my virginity.

Hey i'm Charli and I love a bunch of idiots.
I also might have a thing for animated red heads.



who wants to rob a bank with me so we can buy rt merchandise 

you wanna plan a heist together?

Burnie Burns: Atom Smasher!


ray + dumb faces

the pull up: joel vs ray

Gotta catch ‘em all!

"If anything happens to the Princess, you are all Arendelle has left.” Hans + colors


Commissions are now open!

I’m up for drawing fanart and OC’s or any other original ideas you might have, of people or animals. No NSFW or gore though. 

Contact me at, with Commission in the subject, and let me know if you’d be okay with me sharing your finished commission on Tumblr if I really like it!

Payment is taken upfront once the order has been finalised.  

Payments will be via paypal, and all prices are US dollars (because who wants to convert to NZD, really). 

It will take between one and two weeks for commissions to be completed (I’ll let you know as early as possible if it might take any longer).

Completed art will be sent as an A4 300 dpi file via e-mail, unless otherwise organised. 

Please be prepared to provide reference material if you want OC’s or anything specific. 

If you’ve got any questions direct them to my e-mail or my askbox!